Venue Adress Spinozaweg 300 / 3076 ET / Rotterdam (NL)
Phone +31 (0)10 4325735 (Monday-Friday 10:00-18:00h)
Email Office [email protected] / Promoter [email protected]

Hall specifications

Capacity 350
Stage (h*d*w) 0.8 * 5.50 * 7.00 m
Drumriser 2.50 * 2.40 m

Backstage specifications

  • One dressing room with access to the stage and a sink.
  • One storage room.
  • Wireless internet. Our venue manager will provide the password.
  • Chairs and tables for merchandise. Please don’t put any tape on the walls.
  • One shower.

Please provide Baroeg with the following information:

  • Technical rider (stageplot, inputlist, etc)
  • Backline specs. Will your band bring a full backline? Can it be used by other bands?
  • Traveling party (nr. of band members, technicians (FoH / monitors / lights), merchandiser?)
  • Catering rider (whether lunch is needed, number of vegans or vegetarians, any allergies
    or other important information regarding food and drinks)
  • Means of transportation
  • Will your band carry a backdrop or will you need a screen + beamer for video projection?
  • If you need a hotel, please let us know in advance!
  • Passport copies of all band members. We really need those before we can do the payment!


Additional information

  • All doors (including stagedoors) must be kept closed during soundcheck and showtime.
  • Curfews and remarks are on the time schedule we provide.
  • The venue has a smoking restriction in all areas, but there’s one room where it’s allowed.
  • The provided canned drinks and hard liquor are prohibited in public areas.
  • Open fire and pyrotechnics are not allowed on stage. Please do not use any animal blood!
  • Please mind the environment and also our neighbours.

Transport & parking

Bus power (16A – Shuko, 32A CEE) is available near the entrance door on the side of the street. Please let us know when you arrive. Clearance: 10 meters.
NOTE: Please do not leave any garbage on the streets and mind our neighbours.

Getting to Baroeg – by car, van, truck or coach

Baroeg is not located in the center of Rotterdam, but in the South, not too far from Zuidplein /Ahoy and very close to the trainstation ‘NS Lombardijen’.

You must get onto the A15: the ringway Rotterdam South (Ring Rotterdam Zuid).
Get off at Zuidplein/Ahoy (19A) and keep on the right side of the road.
Go right at the traffic lights and then right again. Now you’re on the Spinozaweg.
Baroeg is located at the right of this road (at the edge of a small park) and across the street is a variety of shops. It’s a grey building with colorful graffiti on the back and front.

You can park your van or nightliner next to the road. Please note that officially it’s not a parking space, but an unloading location. This means that unfortunately it’s not allowed to park cars there. After unloading, please park your car on the other side of the street!

PA specifications


  • 6 monitor groups
  • 1x drumfill JBL JRX125
  • 2x sidefills Peavey 115 EQ
  • 4x front wedges Martin Le 400
  • Midas M32 Digital Console
  • Amps: 2x QSC RMX 2450a + 1x Crown XLS1000
    Front of house
  • MARTIN 4 way PA W8C/WSX
  • Martin mx5 system controller 4way x-over/limiters
  • AMPS: Crest Audio: CA12, CA9, CA6, CA4
  • Soundcraft Mh3, 32ch. Console
  • BSS opal eq 30 band
  • DBX 266 2x compressor/gate
  • 2x DBX 266XL 2x compressor/gate
  • Behringer Multigate XR1400 4x expander/gate
  • Behringer Multigate pro XR4400 4x expander/gate
  • Lexicon MX200
  • Yamaha SPX 990
  • T.C. M-ONE-XL
  • T.C. D-TWO
  • CD player
  • 24 ch. Multicore +2 returns


  • 2x AKG D112
  • 2x Shure 52 beta
  • 2x Shure 91 beta
  • 2x Shure SM 57 beta
  • 2x Shure BG 4.1 condenser
  • 5x Sennheiser e 604 clip-on
  • 2x Sennheiser e 614 condenser
  • 2x Sennheiser e 906
  • 4x Shure SM 57
  • 6x Shure SM 58
  • 3x Sennheiser MD421
  • 6x Active DI
  • 4x Passive DI


Legal sound limitation: 103 dB(a)

Very important:

will you bring your own Front Of House engineer and / or monitor engineer?

Light specifications


  • MA Lightcommander 24/6

Static light (all 230V)

  • Frontlights: 8x par 64 (1000W)
  • Stagelights: 12x par 64 (1000W) + 4x par 56 floorpar (500W)
  • Audience: 4x par 64 (1000W)

Intelligent light

  • 8x Martin MX4 6ch mode (4 on stage, 4 in audience)

DMX channellist

  • Stagelights 1-12
  • Frontlights 13-17
  • Martin MX4: Mi


  • 3x 6ch analog dimmers
  • 3x moonflowers
  • 1x mushroom
  • 1x 6ch DJ-switch
  • 2x stageblinder
  • 1x 2700 watt dmx strobe
  • 1x Martin JEM Magnum 1200 fogger


  • 1x full HD 1920×1080 Optoma EH341 (3500 ANSI Lumen) projector (HDMI,VGA & USB)
  • 1x 273cmx167cm (16:9) screen

Very important:

will you bring your own light-engineer or your own effects?

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